5x4 Field camera scans...

There is so much to learn...

When I developed my roll of film in Caffenol-L I also developed some 5x4 sheets. Of the six images I managed double exposures, out of focus (focused on the wrong subject) images and I also developed two sheets of colour slide film in B&W chemistry (it worked!?).

So now I'm scanning the 5x4 sheets to see what they look like and I'm having an interesting (read: frustratingly, maddeningly complex, user unfriendly software) time working out the intricacies of scanning.

These two images are straight scans of two of the images and both have some interesting technical problems. Please ignore the fact that I managed to cut off my lovely wife's foot that's not a technical problem that's poor composition.

The succulent image seems to be fogged on the right side (it also has a very technical fingerprint embedded) and yet the left side appears fine. The negatives stood vertically in the developing tank so I can't really explain it.

The photo of my wife was one of the ones on slide film so I was amazed and impressed that the coffee developer worked as well as it did. The banding/shading on the wall was caused by scanning without taking the adjustments off "auto"...

With 450Mb files created by a full resolution scan I'm going to need a new computer to cope... Not sure whether to be happy or sad about that?


Tooronga Falls...

Well it's taken a little longer than I expected and I certainly haven't kept my New Years resolution but I've done it. I've added a pinhole image that was taken in the first week of 2011 at Toorongo Falls, near Noojee in Gippsland.

This image was about a 7 minute exposure on Ilford FP4+ 120 roll film. It's a little overexposed but I'm not sure yet whether that is because of the exposure or the developer. I used the Caffenol-L developer and all of the images I took are just that little bit contrasty so I'll have to work out some experiments.




Caffenol developer works!

Well, um, let me say that again in a different way. I mixed up the chemicals as per the instructions and it worked. That it was going to work was never an issue, whether I could mix it up properly was a whole 'nuther thing!!!

What also works and was a surprise is that Caffenol works on Velvia 50 slide film (BIG FAT OOOPS!). 

A very large note will be written to self... Make sure that black and white negative film and colour slide film are kept separate and marked properly - it's not easy to tell the difference in the dark...

Waiting for the film to dry and I'll scan and post some images.

I guess there's no one watching?

It's taking me ages but don't give up. I've had lots to do with renovating an old bank and setting up a gallery so the pinhole imaging has taken a back seat.

Yesterday I finally had a delivery of potassium bromide and now have all of the ingredients to make some "Caffenol" developer. Today I've mixed up the washing soda, vitamin c powder, potassium bromide and instant coffee into a sort of smelly, sticky brown liquid and added it to the developing tanks. I've turned the tanks a few times and now they're sitting in the kitchen sink doing their thing for the 70 minutes or so that the instructions tell me works.

I'm looking forward to the results and hoping that it all works. I'm also hoping that I have enough stop bath and fixer to finish the negatives off. I'll let you know in about an hour or so...

I'm also hoping to get a small group together to do something for World Pinhole Photography Day but this year it falls on Easter day so I'm not sure how I'll go with that...?


Slow start...

Well, I've taken the photos, loaded the film into the developing tank but I've put the measuring jug in a safe place and can't remember where it is... Stay tuned, it will turn up.

I'm also having the gallery room painted, carpeted and fitted out which isn't really an excuse but I'm hoping for some leeway...

Images coming soon...