I guess there's no one watching?

It's taking me ages but don't give up. I've had lots to do with renovating an old bank and setting up a gallery so the pinhole imaging has taken a back seat.

Yesterday I finally had a delivery of potassium bromide and now have all of the ingredients to make some "Caffenol" developer. Today I've mixed up the washing soda, vitamin c powder, potassium bromide and instant coffee into a sort of smelly, sticky brown liquid and added it to the developing tanks. I've turned the tanks a few times and now they're sitting in the kitchen sink doing their thing for the 70 minutes or so that the instructions tell me works.

I'm looking forward to the results and hoping that it all works. I'm also hoping that I have enough stop bath and fixer to finish the negatives off. I'll let you know in about an hour or so...

I'm also hoping to get a small group together to do something for World Pinhole Photography Day but this year it falls on Easter day so I'm not sure how I'll go with that...?

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